7 Ways to Find the Nursing Specialty that’s Right for You

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Before you start on the path to your new career in nursing, take stock of what you really enjoy doing. Do you love working with children? Do you like working in people’s homes, or with the elderly? Do you want to travel? Do you always want to know what tomorrow’s schedule will be, or do you thrive on the excitement of not knowing what you’ll be doing or where you’ll be doing it? Whatever kind of personality you have, there is a type of nursing that is right for you.

  1. Pediatric Nurses work with children in a range of settings that include hospitals, clinics, schools and in homes. The best way to get into pediatric nursing is to find a hospital that offers intern programs in pediatrics for new nursing graduates. You can also take an exam to become a Certified Pediatric Nurse after graduating nursing school, and then go on to specialize in areas like Emergency Medical Services for Children.
  2. Psychiatric nursing might be perfect for those struggling to decide whether to go into nursing or psychology. Psychiatric nurses help patients and their families who have psychiatric or mental illnesses. Psychiatric-mental health nursing (PMHN) is a specialty, but there are other specialties within psychiatric nursing like Child-Adolescent mental health nursing, Forensics, and Substance-Abuse.
  3. Travel Nurses work for agencies that hire them out to hospitals and health care facilities for a few months at a time, almost like a temp agency for nurses. Travel nurses get to choose their locations and assignments, get a good salary, and are provided housing and benefits.
  4. Forensic Nursing is an interesting career for those who enjoy crime shows and dream of being part of the action. Forensic nurses provide medical care to victims, collect evidence, and provide medical care to prisoners.
  5. If saving lives is your personal and career goal, Critical Care nursing is a fulfilling, if intense, career. Emergency nurses have to work quickly, accurately and independently to assess patients and evaluate their care, sorting through severe injuries and prioritizing cases while keeping families and patients calm.
  6. Geriatric nurses care for elderly patients in their homes, nursing homes, or hospitals. While an appreciation of age, wisdom, and stories of the good-old days are important traits to have for geriatric nursing, it’s even more important to realize that older patients often have very complex health problems and are on many different medications and supplements.
  7. Occupational Health means being a nurse for an organization or workplace, helping to ensure employees are healthy. OHNs have special training in workplace hazards, industrial hygiene and toxicology related to the worksite.

4 Blogs By Males Nurses Worth Reading

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Whether you have just graduated and are looking to delve into the unpredictable and fulfilling world of healthcare or you are considering taking a course but you’re unsure whether the healthcare profession is for you; the best thing you can do for is to read real life experiences from those who you would one day love to be. There are a wide range of different blogs on the web which are written by male nurses, who share their thoughts and day to day experiences which could be extremely beneficial if you are looking to get a real insight into the world of healthcare.

One of the first blogs worth investigating is The Intensive Art, Diary of an ICU Nurse. This blog is a touching and honest piece of writing, sharing the day to day life of a 30 year old male nurse working within an ICU environment. After completing his Bachelors Degree in Nursing back in 2006 and after 2 years working on a busy surgical unit, he landed his dream job as an ICU nurse in March 2008. His blog gives a true insight into work on a difficult ICU ward, and provides new graduates and potential graduates alike a true insight into how life really is in ICU. It is certainly worth a read, as the information and sincere posts can offer valuable knowledge within areas of hospital life you may not have thought about.

Another blog that all potential healthcare professionals will find invaluable is Gotham Nurse, AKA Canuck Nurse. This blog explores the trials, triumphs and tribulations of a community health nurse, giving a whole new perspective on the world of not only health, but also important news and issues happening throughout the world. This blog depicts the reality of being a nurse within the community and the different problems faced. It also provides an honest and true insight into the author’s opinions and views regarding different worldwide issues and how these affect not only him personally, but all of us as a society. He shares not only his work life, but his home life and the life of others around him in this touching and genuine blog.

‘Ask Conrad!’ is an invaluable blog, nominated as one of the top 25 nursing blogs online today. Ask Conrad! aims to answer as many of your questions as closely as possible, in particular regarding travel nursing. This is a profession which does not always comes to mind when considering a career in healthcare but yet is still a very rewarding and fulfilling role that many nurses are involved with and love throughout the world. This blog however, not only answers questions, but also discusses important issues relating to the world of health, such as the possible introduction of iPads for medical staff, as well as different places of work involved with travel nurses. ‘Ask Conrad!’ has been live for around 4 years now, and is still a valuable source of information for nurses all over the world.

Finally, Life of a Male Student Nurse is the perfect blog for those just starting out. Author Rick is currently a father of four and a full time nursing student who shares his day to day experiences with work and life for the rest of the blogosphere to read. The information documented throughout this blog is perfect for every student nurse or potential student nurse, as it explains the day to day duties and activities of a real-life student nurse, as well as information on the latest healthcare news. It’s a perfect blog to help you feel good about yourself and your career, as it gives you an insight into the future or even just a glimmer into the life of another student nurse that you can completely relate to.

Blogs are one of the most valuable resources available on the internet today for nurses worldwide. They not only share real-life and honest stories and experiences in order to depict the real world of healthcare to graduates and students eager to learn more, but also help to provide advice regarding the different situations they may one day find themselves in during their career- an insight definitely worth exploring.